our bishop

Mark August


Mark August is the founder and Presiding Bishop of the Apostolic Church of Truth in Salvation, (A.C.T.S. Church).
He is currently seated on the Bishop's Board with the AWCF.

He is also founder of Academy of Christian Theological Studies,
a Oneness Pentecostal Think-Tank.

Bishop August is a graduate of EndTime University and as such, is a Teacher of Biblical Christianity and Eschatology.

He obtained a Bachelor of Theology from Cypress Bible Institute, as well as his Master of Divinity, both with honors. He is working towards his Doctor of Theology.

Bishop August is widely known for his academic contributions on the subjects of 1st Century Christian Water Baptism and on The History of Logos Doctrine.

A Historian, with his concentration being the first 300 years of the Christian Faith, he is fast becoming one of the premier authorities on the subject within the modern Theological field. 

"The A.C.T.S. movement simply represents the finest modern example of Scholasticism, preparing the Apostolic Peoples of today with the ability to triumph in factual argument against those which pervert Christ's Gospel. Ours is the most advanced progress made in Christian reversion since the Protestant Reformation and early Pentecostal revivals."
- Bishop Mark August; M.Div

Theological Views:
o Monarchian
o Evidential Glossolalia
o Pentecostal
o Baptismal Regenerationalist; Anti-Catholic view
o Scholastic
o Post-Tribulational Rapture
o Historic Premillennialist
​o Eternal Punishment
o Sola-Scriptura; Ad Fontes
o Reversionist
o Fundamentalist
o Sub-Kenotic; Insignia of Majesty