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About a.c.t.s.

A.C.T.S. Think-Tank


Scholars Working Together 

To Form  Factual Theology 

A.C.T.S. Church


The First Electronically Organized 

Christian Church

A.C.T.S. think-Tank


Academy of Christian Theological Studies

A ministry focused on identifying and exposing misinformation, centered around research and development of an informed factual theology, pursuing theology based on Scripture first and after that all true verity. 

The Think-Tank is contributed to by many students of religion. A variety of Oneness, Trinitarians, Arians, Unitarians and Muslims have shared knowledge about their particular belief systems and have the opportunity to learn about Biblical Christianity. 

Scholars, College Professors and Theologians, diverse in their respective areas of expertise, often interact with members, fielding their questions.

Factual data is obtained, analyzed, and explained in a manner easy for anyone to understand. 

The Think-Tank is accessible exclusively on Facebook at the following link:




Apostolic Church of Truth in Salvation

A Fellowship of Apostolic Christians who have come together in faith for the cause of worldwide Revival towards 1st Century Christianity.  We believe that together, and with God's help, we will see a ​worldwide Revival to Biblical Christianity in our time. We are the FIRST Christian Fellowship in history, technologically organized, exclusively on Facebook. 

Our particular findings on 1st Century Baptism have been affirmed by multiple examiners, both Oneness AND Trinitarian, including several with Doctor Degrees, some being College Professors. Our findings have the proven ability to bring the factions together on consensus.

When Trinitarians are advocating for our view of Jesus Name baptism, Oneness leaders should take notice and contemplate the potential for world wide revival to Biblical Christianity.

We record a total membership of around 500,000+/- people in 60+ countries, with 5,200+/- pulpits dedicated to the Apostles' Doctrine, and Apostolic Revival is just beginning.

Our leadership team consists of 24 ordained Ministers, with around 2/3 of those being current or former license holders with prominent Oneness Pentecostal organizations such as the UPCI, the ALJC, the AAC, the PPCI,  etc...

A.C.T.S. Church is a ranking member organization with the AWCF, 

(Apostolic World Christian Fellowship), who's total membership numbers over ​5.5 million people.