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To Form  Factual Theology 

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A.C.T.S. think-Tank


Academy of Christian Theological Studies

A ministry focused on identifying and exposing misinformation, centered around research and development of an informed factual theology, pursuing theology based on Scripture first and after that all true verity. 

The Think-Tank is contributed to by many students of religion. A variety of Oneness, Trinitarians, Arians, Unitarians and Muslims have shared knowledge about their particular belief systems and have the opportunity to learn about Biblical Christianity. 

Scholars, College Professors and Theologians, diverse in their respective areas of expertise, often interact with members, fielding their questions.

Factual data is obtained, analyzed, and explained in a manner easy for anyone to understand. 

The Think-Tank is accessible exclusively on Facebook at the following link:




Apostolic Church of Truth in Salvation

A Fellowship of Apostolic Christians who have come together in faith for the cause of worldwide Revival towards 1st Century Christianity.  We believe that together, and with God's help, we will see a ​worldwide Revival to Biblical Christianity in our time. We are the FIRST Christian Fellowship in history, technologically organized exclusively on Facebook. 

Our particular findings on 1st Century Baptism have been affirmed by multiple examiners, both Oneness AND Trinitarian, and have been found sound in Scriptural doctrine by numerous Scholars and Theologians. Our findings have the proven ability to bring the factions together on consensus.

When Trinitarians are advocating for our view of Jesus Name baptism, Oneness leaders should take notice and contemplate the potential for world wide revival to Biblical Christianity.

We record a total membership of around 500,000+/- people in 60+ countries, with 5,200+/- pulpits dedicated to the Apostles' Doctrine, and Apostolic Revival is just beginning.

Our leadership team consists of around two dozen ordained Ministers, with around 2/3 of those being current or former license holders with prominent Oneness Pentecostal organizations such as the UPCI, the ALJC, the AAC, the PPCI,  etc...

A.C.T.S. Church is a ranking member organization with the AWCF, 

(Apostolic World Christian Fellowship), who's total membership numbers over ​5.5 million people. 




"The best Apostolic group on facebook."

-A.C.T.S. Member

"Keep up the great work. Making the Apostolic Faith a movement once again."

-A.C.T.S. Member


"Mark August what you are doing is admirable and I have the utmost respect for you....I wanted to show how much I appreciate this think tank and highly respect how you challenge your denomination fearlessly and boldly."

-A.C.T.S. Member         

"I strongly believe that ACTS is a well we can drink from for insight, uncommon revelation and epignosis."

-A.C.T.S. Member


"Brother Mark the teachings of God through you are rich,you have blessed our hearts and enables the church to know the truth"

-Former Trinitarian Pastor        

"Hello Brother Mark. I have carefully read your lessons and have decided to join your church. I am ready to start a branch in Kenya. If the Trinity is polytheism I renounce it"

-Former Trinitarian Pastor         

"ever since i met you on here. my faith has increased ridiculously because of your ministry bro!"

-A.C.T.S. Member        

"So enjoy your posts. So full of amazing Truth. Though raised Oneness there were parts of it's explanation that didn't seem adequate. Reading your articles....cleared up all the gray areas"

-A.C.T.S. member        

"I am a lay pastor from Kenya in western part and I have been reading your posts for the past one year and you have blessed me. I serve with 3 pastors and we have 3 church branches. We are arranging for a seminar and feel to invite you if possible to speak to leaders here.God bless you."

-Former Trinitarian Pastor         

"I am so much Grateful to be with this group for a long time. It's been a blessing to my ministry as a youth Bible Teacher."

-A.C.T.S. Member        

"I am a bishop with churches in Kenya and Uganda and after reading your article, I have decided I would like to become a oneness together with my whole congregation. Kindly advice!"

-Former Trinitarian Pastor          

"Mark August, these works are very scholarly in presentation yet very informative. Not all church leaders were able to have this kind of informations, that's why it is very important to do researches. Thank you for sharing this. May our Lord God and Savior continue to guide and give you knowlegde through His Holy Spirit."

-A.C.T.S. Member         

"Dear pastor this was a prayer meeting we had and I shared your teachings on this group and were greatly blessed."

-A.C.T.S. Member         

"Hello Sir, I came across so many good Oneness writings of you, and I would love to have some study materials on the Oneness of God with special reference to the early church doctrines. Thank you."

-A.C.T.S. Member          

"Mark August is doing a good work in Jesus name for the soon up coming revival. Praise Jesus."

-A.C.T.S. Member          

"In this day and age we live in we need this facebook church!. There is a lot of deception and watered down Gospel going on.We need groups like Acts to rely on for biblical Christianity. We can trust Acts for the truth! Thank you Mark August for creating this group, we all need each other in these end times."

-A.C.T.S. Member         

"Praise the Lord it (A.C.T.S.) has been a blessing for me it is giving me a deeper understanding of the God that we all worship. I thank the Lord for brother Mark and all those that are working with him to bring such Dynamic post of information to give us a deeper hermeneutical approach to the one true God."

-A.C.T.S. Member          

"Good evening pastor. We are so much blessed by your teachings. We request for a leaders seminar. God bless you."

-A.C.T.S. Member          

"Mark August i am a staunch reader of your articles on church history and doctrinal development, can you kindly share with me the learning resources either in hard copy or soft copy format for a bible study group i am starting at my ministerial base."

-A.C.T.S. Member         

"I had you on my heart and talked about you night before last.  I had a UPCI preacher preach one night of my revival and as we ate supper together I told him I had been studying the oneness doctrine and you had been very gracious to help me understand it.  He was shocked that I knew anything about it."

-A.C.T.S. Member         

"Yes I taught them (A.C.T.S. Articles) and I also have descipleship class were we gather as Pastors and we share the love of God together, I was able to introduce all your lessons to them and if u still have more u can send to me."

-A.C.T.S. Member         

"Mark August, thank you for your hard work. These valuable contributions are helpful in tracing things back further than traditional dogma would allow."

-A.C.T.S. Member          

"Thanks to Mark August for his work on behalf of the Oneness message.

He is taking it to a higher level in the more accurate version of Oneness found in scripture, ancient Church history, and the early 20th century restoration of the doctrine.

Keep up the good work Mark."

-A.C.T.S. Member


These are just a fraction of the testimonies recorded here at A.C.T.S. 

Over the last three years we have seen about 30 Trinitarian ministers renounce the false Trinity Theory after reading our articles. Additionally, many ministers and saints have received a greater understanding of Theological issues by studying with us. 

God has greatly blessed me personally to be able to serve you all in this way and i look forward to the many great things to come that will add to these testimonials. 

I thank Jesus for being with us through our time here and for using us to glorify His great Name!

God bless each and every one of you, and as always, thank you for studying with us.

mark august

writing for 

Academy of Christian

Theological Studies

A.C.T.S. Think-Tank


"Bridging the Gap Between

Oneness and Trinitarianism"